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November 02, 2014

8 Mistakes you should avoid before applying for BuySellAds

Manohara Raju Makaraju
8 Mistakes you should avoid before applying for BuySellAds, buysellads approval guidance

As a publisher of any ad network we should maintain a peaceful and professional website that will attract all advertisers quickly. For gaining advertisers and to sell direct ad spots on your site easily there is no better advertising network than BuySellAds. Now in the web world only BSA is number one network that is mostly offering advertisers to place direct ads on their desired sites. This network is now became very popular, powerful and helpful many publishers around the world to make some handsome amount of money easily from their blogs and sites. Many of us are now really depending on third party sites mostly to get ads. But BSA offering unbelievable features and easy to use navigation system. Without any further thinking I can say BSA is number one in direct ads. There is no best alternatives to BSA on the web and it’s always recommended one by me to all publishers like bloggers and website owners. By just pasting or placing a simple JavaScript cum HTML code on your site generated and given by BSA site you can easily get advertisers or sponsors and direct ads for your site. It is very easy to make money online using this ad network if you have good site/blog that have enough traffic. But it’s not easy to get their approval. Many publishers eagerly apply for their approval again and again but they don’t get approval from BSA because they don’t follow guidance and they don’t satisfy minimum requirements but they move forward blindly. So if you are also doing any mistake like this then let’s stop doing that by following my helpful guidance. To get publisher account on BSA you should immediately avoid doing following eight big mistakes that every newbie do.

October 28, 2014

3 Essential Tips to Get Approved by BuySellAds Quickly

Manohara Raju Makaraju

In the past one month I have shared three best posts over various segments related to BuySellAds (BSA) and all of them are received good response and still receiving good traffic from the audience around the world. Also this is the initial stage of my blog and I have focused mainly on topics like make money online and blogging. So if you are interested to know more exclusive and genuine online money making methods in the upcoming days then don’t forget to subscribe my blog newsletter. In the BSA series now I will share three best and important tips to get approved for most popular BSA advertising network quickly as a publisher.

3 Best and Essential Tips to Get Approved by BuySellAds Quickly, Buysellads approval process, buysellads requirements for publishers

October 17, 2014

6 Best Tips to Get Approved from BuySellAds

Manohara Raju Makaraju
6 Best Tips to Get Approved from BuySellAds

Everyone would like to join a big advertising network if it’s easily offering a great opportunity to publishers to sell direct advertisements without having any problem. By taking just small amount of commissions from the publishers the BuySellAds advertising network is working as a great mediator between publishers and advertisers around the world since 2008 and it’s now among top 5 advertising networks.

October 16, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why Your BuySellAds Application Denied

Manohara Raju Makaraju
Top 10 Reasons Why Your BuySellAds Application Denied

Are you recently applied for BuySellAds advertising network? And unfortunately does they denied your application? But are you don’t understand why they rejected? And you wish to know the reasons why they had rejected then let us explain clearly why they disapproved your application.

October 08, 2014

Exact Requirements to Get Approved for BuySellAds

Manohara Raju Makaraju
Exact Requirements to Get approved by buysellads

Now there are already number of posts published over how to easily get approved for, how to apply for BSA and minimum requirements to get approved from BSA etc. But, this post is nothing like anything and I have gathered almost all exact requirements that BuySellAds (BSA) team seeking in a blog or website to approve.

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