October 28, 2014

3 Essential Tips to Get Approved by BuySellAds Quickly

In the past one month I have shared three best posts over various segments related to BuySellAds (BSA) and all of them are received good response and still receiving good traffic from the audience around the world. Also this is the initial stage of my blog and I have focused mainly on topics like make money online and blogging. So if you are interested to know more exclusive and genuine online money making methods in the upcoming days then don’t forget to subscribe my blog newsletter. In the BSA series now I will share three best and important tips to get approved for most popular BSA advertising network quickly as a publisher.

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Now a days it’s became a great wish to most of bloggers and website owners to become a part of BuySellAds publishers network anyway. In my experience and opinion it’s not so easy to become a BSA publisher quickly if you don’t follow the guidelines and don’t understand the requirements. In my point of view there are total three important aspects you should have to check and focus before applying for BSA approval. We knew, it’s very easy to create an account on BSA as a normal and new user or advertiser but to become at least one new and normal BSA publisher we should have to satisfy their most important requirements. They will test our site and will send the result to our corresponding email address very quickly. In my experience the BSA team will respond to all proposals very faster. I liked their way of working. They’ll send their opinion on your blog or site within twenty minutes or less. You should have to qualify or pass their every test. But, without having any idea you can’t understand exactly how they will test our site and in how many aspects they will observe our site.

The BSA team will reject our application if we applied for publisher account even without satisfying their minimum requirements. But, without satisfying their all requirements you can easily get chance to join their ultimate publishers network if you are able to follow below given three most important tips. These are not only tips with each tip I have mentioned their important and why they’re requiring these. Also with below given tips I have provided best practices to do for obtaining approved account in future. So let’s read and follow them carefully.

From the starting of this blog to until now I have published posts exclusively on BuySellAds because to help all publishers around the world who are getting problem to join amazing BSA network. This blog is enough to learn how to get approved for BSA because, I have prepared and published ultimate posts that are works like a combined book of freaks and secrets. Following are the list of important and helpful posts related to BSA series that I have published previously. So read them also if you need. Also in the upcoming days I will share more posts exclusively on BSA series. So let’s join my newsletter and stay connected to the blog.

Let’s prepare for their toughest test ever!!

#1. Site/ Blog Traffic Levels, Source and Location:

The traffic will do an important role in the site or blog success and is an important thing that will be first considered by BSA team. The all sites with low traffic will not be accepted by BSA team because they are seeking for good publishers and high traffic having sites. They doesn’t provided exactly how much traffic they want from a site and how much traffic a site should have to be to get approved by them. But, according to the information provided by their many official publishers a site should have at least 100,000 (100k) impressions. This is just a basic estimation of them. Which means there is no guarantee on this estimation because they have also no idea about exact traffic requirements. So you should target at least 200,000 impressions or in other words 150,000 unique visits. For best reports and statistics I recommend most advanced Google Analytics. They’ll provide best results ever. If your blog/ site present traffic is less than 150,000 unique visits then don’t overexcited to register for BSA services. And try to improve traffic quality of your site by publishing unique quality content regularly. Continue your reading for more secret and exclusive tips.

Traffic Source:

Here traffic source means through where your visitors are mostly coming and which sites or links are highly referring your site. If you have good SEO skills and know how to drive genuine traffic or visitors to your site through few well known search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask etc. then you don’t need to worry about traffic source but if you’re mostly depending on third party sites like directories, social networks, traffic generating sites, backlinks, and advertisements etc. then you’re doing absolutely using wrong sources to get traffic. This type of traffic will not be dangerous but it’s considered by BSA team as invalid traffic. They want most of site traffic from search engines. So you have to do all things in favor to them.

I mean, if you’re submitting your site rapidly and only to the directories and sharing content only on social networks for generating a few visits without optimizing search engines and ignoring all other important sources then it’s not right source and it can be easily identified or detected by BSA advanced tracking system or statistics and they’ll treat this type of unnecessary traffic source as an invalid traffic source.

The BSA team don’t allow all those sites to participate in their program which violate their terms and conditions. And they will not accept sites that are receiving traffic mostly through unwanted sites like I mentioned above. So anyway, I recommend you to depend mostly on search engines to drive traffic and avoid all unnecessary methods. And use top 5 social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. to promote your content and to get fans if necessary but don’t try to get most of the traffic. It’s not so easy to optimize search engines and for receiving traffic you should write quality posts with SEO friendly titles and keywords. Buying traffic from other uncommon sources is also prohibited by BSA. So don’t buy traffic anyway and don’t irritate BSA team.

Traffic Location:

According to my five years of experience I realized that without doing good practices and following good guidance we can’t achieve success in the meantime. In the same way by doing and implementing wrong methods we will lose our gain permanently. So I always follow good guidance and today you also follow my guidance by don’t ignoring.

If you satisfied required traffic levels and sources that I mentioned above then next you should ensure that your site traffic is mostly coming from most developed and popular countries like USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and Arab Empires etc. This is the true meaning of location of traffic. If you failed to drive traffic from these and other top countries then you can’t get approved by BSA anymore. The BSA will approve those sites/blogs which receiving traffic mostly from top level locations. Why because, their most of advertisers are living in the well developed countries and regions in the world so they want only those sites which having good and enough traffic from their desired regions. Try to target almost all English countries and other top countries to gain traffic.

To get traffic from well-developed English speaking and other famous countries you should write and publish content related and helpful to people living in that countries. Also avoid most of traffic from slowly developing countries like India, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc. Because, there is no use of traffic from these slowly developing countries but don’t ignore completely and focus on top level countries.

You should follow these mixed tips if you wish to get approval from BSA anyway.

#2. Category or Niche of the Site/ Blog:

Niche means the topic or category of the site/blog that you have chosen for your site. If you are running a site/blog in most popular niche and highly searching topics on the web like technology, gadgets, entertainment, mobiles, apple products, android, sports, life style, fashion and beauty etc. then you’re doing great job without any doubt and I will also appreciate your work because BSA team will love all those sites related to above mentioned categories and will encourage them to join their publishers network. Sometimes the BSA team personally invite their loved one to join their program by sending an email even that site owner doesn’t requested for any approval. So it’s happened to only a few lucky people who satisfied all BSA requirements. The all sites belongs to most popular categories will be accepted by BSA. They’re now mostly welcoming those sites related to above given topics and categories. That’s not mean you can’t get approval and not welcome to join their publishers network if your site related to small niches. They’ll allow some other niche sites/blogs if that qualified their requirements. They accept less popular niche sites sometimes only if they want and according to their advertisers requests and needs. So maintain a site on popular niche or category and gain full authority on your niche. The power of the niche site’s increasing day by day so you should focus on your niche to enable direct ads feature quickly. “Doing is better than being patience.”

#3. Clean Design and No Too Many Ads:

If you are already working with other famous ad network and placing their most of ads on your site then you should take care. The BSA would like to work with other ad network but if you place too many ads belongs to other ad network already and there is no enough space on your site to put BSA ads then the team who will review your site or blog will irritate and disapprove your proposal immediately. So to avoid such horrible thing just place less number of ads related to other ad network like Adsense, infolinks, and Blogads etc., while BSA team review. Otherwise, you have to face problems. Just remove where there are too many ads and other unnecessary widgets and plugins. And place only most important things like popular posts, like box etc. Also remove popup boxes, if any.

Maintain clean design by applying beautiful theme or template to your site that contains pleasant colors and user friendly navigation. If you don’t have good theme then just search for free premium and SEO friendly themes on Google related to your platform like Blogger, Wordpress etc. and apply one best and nice theme in the available list to your site. Don’t rapidly change themes.

Extra tips: The approves only sites that have top level domain so ensure your site have top level domain. If you don't have best domain like .com, .net, .org and .biz etc. then just buy one now using popular domain registrar GoDaddy. Also Improve your site's social followers. Especially twitter followers are considered by BSA team. So its also important.

If you follow my three important and exclusive tips you will easily get approval from BSA successfully within one day. With these tips you should also satisfy their minimum requirements like top level domain, no adult and illegal content, at least 3 to 4 months old site, and you should have at least 18 years age etc. Please refer post on BSA exact requirements for publishers that is published by me for good guidance.

Don’t disappoint even if they disapproved your proposal for the first time because you will get another chance soon.

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