October 17, 2014

6 Best Tips to Get Approved from BuySellAds

6 Best Tips to Get Approved from BuySellAds

Everyone would like to join a big advertising network if it’s easily offering a great opportunity to publishers to sell direct advertisements without having any problem. By taking just small amount of commissions from the publishers the BuySellAds advertising network is working as a great mediator between publishers and advertisers around the world since 2008 and it’s now among top 5 advertising networks.

Using BSA advanced system it’s very easy to place and monitor direct ads. Now almost all advertisers are showing interest to participate in their program for best publishers. And publishers are also seeking for direct ads through this ad agency. From the starting period to until 2012 the BSA team allowed almost all publishers to participate in their program even they are small, medium and big. But, from the year 2013 they had introduced and implemented some strict requirements and guidelines to prevent joining of unnecessary publishers from their network. So those publishers who got approved account already from BSA before year 2012 even they not satisfied minimum requirements are now at safe side. Because, the BSA don’t remove or close their accounts even if they are inactive for some time. This is the situation of before year 2012 and this is only about who obtained approved accounts before 2012. But, after that the situation was completely changed and now there is great competition over this amazing network. So all site and blog owners are wish to get approved accounts but it’s not so easy. Because, they are observing everything about stats of site very carefully and seeking for best publishers to expand their network in upcoming days. Previously I have already published article regarding BSA exact requirements to get approved for publishers. If you not yet read them then please feel free to follow below given link to visit that post without forgetting. And continue your reading for important tips and salient information.

If once you got approved account then there is no need to worry about advertisers and direct ads for your site. And we can easily attract and obtain advertisers through this wonderful network but we have to do just some good practices. Anyway, now let’s come to the main concept. If you wish to apply for it then first ensure that you satisfied minimum requirements and next you should need to follow below given simple tips and guidance.

1. Maintain Good Traffic:

Traffic is a base to the site and without having sufficient traffic to the site it’s very hard to attract advertisers and generate income. If you targeted mostly developed countries and your site traffic is highly coming from countries like USA, UK, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong etc. then you are absolutely doing great work otherwise you should have to change your mind and have to focus on your site traffic. Try to obtain traffic from top level countries. In other side, traffic source is also important thing. So if your site most of traffic is coming through search engines then you’re doing great job otherwise you should have to learn search engine optimization to drive traffic to the site from search engines. Don’t generate most of traffic from social networks, directories and by doing some worst practices to show something huge and avoid these type of traffic sources if you’re doing so. Try to get traffic through genuine ways or through genuine sources like search engines, direct visits etc. And maintain always good organic traffic because, BSA team will consider these all things. So maintain site traffic that will satisfy advertiser’s requirements and would be liked by them.

2. Publish Informative-rich Content:

Sometimes we publish some unnecessary and unusual posts on our blog due to less time but this type of content will don’t bring traffic to our site and have no value. So try to publish and maintain good content that is worth and helpful to all of your worldwide loyal readers. Content is not only a king and it’s also a father of king and prince. So don’t compromise and never back down to publish good content for growing of your site. Write your posts only in English and maintain entire site in English only because sites under all other languages are prohibited by BSA.

3. Select Popular and Perfect Niche Only:

If you have already chosen any specific topic and running a site on that topic then it’s very hard to change niche and it’s also dangerous to add other irrelevant content to the niche blogs or sites because, the search engines will love niche sites and also after growing into a big one with good readers if we change site niche its really dead end to the site without any doubt because we will lost our search engine traffic and entire site will be died without having sufficient search engine traffic. Not only decrease in search engine traffic you will also lose your loyal readers if you change niche. So don’t try to change niche immediately if you already chosen one particular niche that is comfortable to you and popular. Just increase your site popularity by obtaining authority in your already selected niche. For example, if you have fashion niche then grow subscribers, traffic and posts. BSA mostly approve those sites that are related to top niches like technology, web development, fashion, beauty, travel etc. Please check out available categories in their site menu for more details. Anyway, before you apply for it you should have a best niche site or blog. The BSA will also allow multi niche sites if the site have good authority.

4. Maintain TLD for Your Site:

If you unfortunately and mistakenly bought any country specific or location based domain for your site like beautytips.uk, addme.in, khanacademy.pk, manohar.me, mybest.asia etc. then it’s time to change it immediately as a top level domain (TLD) or if you didn’t buy any domain for your site or blog yet and your complete site is being hosted on platforms like blogger, wordpress, weebly etc. for free and as a sub-domain like luckybrothers.blogspot.com, androidtricks.wordpress.com etc. then you should have to buy a matching top level domain for your niche site like .com, .net, .org etc. and have to redirect your old sub-domain to your TLD using custom domain option or mapping feature/system offered by your content management platform or by your domain hosting site. For example, if my blog domain is looks like omg.blogpost.com or socialbazar.in then I will buy a new related available top level domain for my blog like omghouse.com or socialspace.net etc. from popular domain hosting services like Godaddy, Hostgator etc. and will redirect my old sub-domain or region specific domain to the new domain. You can use above given domain selling and hosting sites like Godaddy, Hostgator etc. to buy one new and best domain for your site. If you already have TLD then leave this part and go to the next part.

5. Be Like a Professional or Die:

If you’re running and managing a blog with ugly theme design and logo then it’s time to go pro and make your theme beautiful. Use best and user friendly themes or templates for your site. And design attractive logo yourself or take help of popular services for your site. Don’t put too many unnecessary widgets, advertisement banners etc. to disturb readers and disappoint BSA team who review your site. Just remove all unwanted things, scripts from your site if there are any. Make your site loading speed fast and make your site as a pleasant place for learning, knowing and being. The representation of your post is also important so choose best headings, good body with correct font sizes, side headings, colors etc. Don’t place too many options in your site main navigation menu. Just place a few most important links in categories that are helpful to all visitors. Make believe all of your visitors and show them that you’re a professional web developer or blogger. By providing clean author box or about me box of you under every post or footer or sidebar with good recent color photograph of you will increase your site authority. Anyway, be like a professional to attract BSA team and their most valuable advertisers in the future. Also maintain important pages like About, Contact, Privacy etc.

6. Obtain Good Followers:

Without having good number of social media followers and newsletter subscribers the site would not be satisfied and you’ll not get approved by BSA. So increase social media followers until you feel that’s enough followers for your site. Followers are like a backbone to the site and without having them our site will looks like a dummy piece. Maintain only those followers that are valuable to your site. Reply to the almost all valuable comments posted by your new and loyal readers on your site and don’t allow spammers and completely avoid spamming. Don’t force readers to subscribe by using various popup windows or unpleasant widgets or ads. Just tell them to subscribe or follow your site by using a few words mentioned by you at the below of your every post. Don’t use any social exchange services to get followers suddenly because you will not get at least one like and share when you post and share anything even you have 10 thousand followers that are come via uncommon sources. So just get real followers only who interested on your site to avoid 0% of engagement and to get at least 40% of social engagement.

Anyway, these are the most basic and important tips how to get approved from BSA easily. These tips will not only help you to get BSA approval and these exclusive tips will help you to become a professional web developer and blogger. If you like my post and feel it will be help others then feel free to share it with your friends, fellow bloggers, family members, colleagues etc. and also follow my blog latest updates and leave your comment, feedback and opinions below. Thanks a lot for reading my post. Stay connected for more posts and god bless you.

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