October 08, 2014

Exact Requirements to Get Approved for BuySellAds

Exact Requirements to Get approved by buysellads

Now there are already number of posts published over how to easily get approved for BuySellAds.com, how to apply for BSA and minimum requirements to get approved from BSA etc. But, this post is nothing like anything and I have gathered almost all exact requirements that BuySellAds (BSA) team seeking in a blog or website to approve.

I have already applied for BSA account more than six times including today for my education blog but unfortunately they denied or rejected my application all the times. Today also a few hours back I have fulfilled and submitted my application for approval but they again rejected and sent me an denied email within a fifteen minutes but I doesn’t worried and I will not lose my hopes. I am trying to get approved for BSA since past eight months but I never before satisfied their requirements. They denied my app mainly because I have not satisfied at least their most important basic requirements. So that’s why they has disapproved my application. Anyway, after so many days I decided to do research on what things BSA team really want and considering during their review but I didn’t find any right post around the web. A few sites shared minimum requirements but that posts doesn’t satisfied me because I would like to know all the requirements. In my observation I have noticed what BSA team exactly seeking in a publisher. So to help people like me I decided to share my great experience as a post with you. I hope this post will be helpful you to know how to modify yourself and your website to get approved for BSA ads network at least in the future. But remember one thing, it’s not too easy to get approved account. So follow our guidance very carefully that is represented below.

First I thought BSA network is also like some other online advertising networks and I can easily get approved by them but after knowing facts I have realized completely and moving forward to apply again after some time when I would satisfy all their basic requirements. Please don’t think like “he have no approved BSA account so he will don’t have complete details or how he know exact requirements”. Because, I have great experience with BSA and I knew what exactly they’re seeking. I tried my best to prepare this post so feel free to share it with your friends. Also subscribe to our newsletter if you like this post for receiving more interested posts like this.

About BSA:

BuySellAds.com is a most advanced advertising platform that allows publishers to offer direct advertisements on their sites without having any trouble. It’s very easy to use network to sell advertising spot on our site directly to the advertiser who interested to buy. This site is like a trusted mediator or third party hub that easily connect both genuine advertisers and well recognized publishers around the web world. This BSA site founded in 2008 but just within a 5 years of time period its occupied entire web world. This BSA will take 15% of revenue or as a commission from the publisher for services that they are providing. First they catch advertisers and sent to the publishers. It’s also known as alternate to adsense but in my experience there is a big difference between both of them. So don’t compare in any way.

Like some other most popular advertising networks around the web like Google Adsense, Media.net the BSA site doesn’t provided clear details about minimum requirements for a site to get approval. So all webmasters who interested to join their network are mostly depending on third party site articles and blog posts like us to know what are the requirements. But, they provided their most important terms and conditions to have minimum idea before anyone join their program. I never before and now doesn’t feel its waste to apply for their network because BSA is now a world’s most amazing and well recognized online advertising network for direct ads and it will always be in top ten list. So it’s better to join their network anyway. If you have great courage and you’re ready to know about their requirements and if you’re capable to satisfy their basic requirements then let’s have a look at one by one requirement in the below given list. Below I have mentioned and explained everything clearly and carefully.

BSA Exact Requirements

What they don’t want from publishers?

  1. First, they’re presently not soo interested to invite those site owners whose site’s Alexa global rank is greater than one lakh or also known as 100k. But, in my experience they don’t approve your app even your site’s Alexa global rank is less than one lakh because they just not consider Alexa rank and they will consider many more important factors.
  2. It’s most important, they’re presently not allowing more sites related to sensitive topics like education, jobs, real estate, food, family, pets, travel, government and politics etc. Because, there only less number of advertisers are there in their network who place ads related to these less popular topics. And their most of advertisers related to categories like web designing, make money, technology, software’s etc.
  3. Next they don’t accept subdomain sites like iamjackson.blogspot.com, socialfacts.wordpress.com, yoursitename.wix.com, yoursitename.weebly.com, news.yourdomain.com, articles.yoursite.net etc.
  4. They also don’t approve country specific and location based sites like mysmallhouse.in, iamready.pk, mynameismanu.uk, schooldog.me and somethingspecial.world etc.
  5. They will reject applications of those sites who have no good social media presence or social network followers. For example, if your site don’t have any one of twitter and Facebook profiles/pages then they will not approve your account. Even if your site having twitter and Facebook profiles but if don’t have enough number of followers or have just less than 1500 twitter followers and less than 2000 Facebook fans then they definitely not approve your app.
  6. They not only see your FB and twitter followers and they’ll observe your site’s other most popular social network presence like Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. But this is not soo important requirement.
  7. Next they will not accept your app if your site have less than 1000 feedburner or newsletter subscribers at the time of applying and BSA team reviewing.
  8. They don’t allow sites that having ugly design. I mean, if your site/ blog template or theme is not well designed, not working properly and perfectly, unpleasant colors, contained some errors and not user friendly then they will reject without any doubt.
  9. They don’t allow your site if there is no enough space to place their BSA related direct advertisements. Which means if you’re already using or working with some other advertising networks like Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Blogads etc., placed their ads everywhere on your site and filled entire site with ads without leaving any required space for other ads then there are less chances you have to get approved.
  10. If your site is loading very slowly or your site loading speed is very low due to installation of uncommon plugins, widgets, popup windows etc. and your site is occupied by too many unnecessary or unwanted images, widgets etc. then you have no chance.
  11. When we come to the traffic details, if your site is presently receiving less than 5 lakh (500k) pageviews per a month or less than 3 lakh (300k) monthly ad impressions and less than 2.5 lakh (250k) monthly unique visits then they’ll not accept. Here traffic is most important thing they’ll consider.
  12. If you’re running a non-English site or blog which means the site related to some other local or country specific languages like Mandarian, Japonic, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Afroasiatic etc. then you’re not allowed to join.
  13. They don’t approve if your site traffic is mostly coming from social networking sites, from some uncommon sites and not from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc.
  14. They will reject your app if your site contained any content related to pornography, hacking, sexual, adult, cracking, illegal, drugs, crime, affairs etc.
  15. If your site traffic is mostly and only coming from some countries like India, China, Pakistan, Mongolia, Bhutan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and from some other slowly developing or not well developed countries then there are very rare opportunities to you.
  16. They won’t allow if you’re not posting new content regularly or frequently on your site or blog. You should have to update site with new content daily.
  17. They don’t allow sites that have no good Google pagerank or less Pagerank.
  18. They also reject your app if you’re site have copied content or material owned and related to others around the web. For example, if you’re copying content from other blogs and posting on your blog as your own content then they can easily identify that using various powerful tools that they have. So they suspend account even after approval if they found sites that participated in plagiarism.
BSA Overview

What type of sites BSA team mostly want?

So what BSA team really want from their trusted online publishers to satisfy their most important advertisers? Let’s get started by reading below requirements. Below I have explained everything clearly so read it carefully.

  1. First of all, your site should have enough traffic from search engines and important locations. For example, some webmasters drive traffic to their sites mostly through various sources like social networks, directories, spam links, email newsletters, software’s, direct traffic etc. and some other webmasters focus on some specific countries and areas to drive their traffic by publishing most of the content related to local areas. But, BSA want sites that are having good traffic mostly from popular search engines and from already developed major countries and cities like United States of America (USA), UK, London, Australia, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Malaysia, Turkey, United Arab Countries etc. Why because, mainly most of their advertisers are living in these top and most developed countries. So they are presently focusing on sites that are focusing on above mentioned popular areas. If you’re also presently targeting only a few slowly developing countries like some other webmasters then let’s take a small break and start your work again to change your target. You should have to change or extend your target to reach all people around the world.
  2. Next your site domain name and extension should be under Top Level Domains (TLDs). For example, some of us buy country or location specific domains like .uk, .jp, .in, .pk, .asia, .world, .me, .business, .co.uk etc. because of some unknown reasons. But, unfortunately BSA team want only sites that have top level domain extension like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info etc. We also don’t know really why they’re looking for only TLDs but this is also one of their true requirement.
  3. Your site niche should be related to popular web related topics like web designing, blogging, web developing, web 2.0, make money, technology, mobiles, gadgets, beauty and fashion, sports, gaming, and entertainment etc. Why because, these are the mostly searching topics online and advertisers also trying to catch customers who seeking for info related to these type of topics. Also presently BSA team focused mostly on technology and web related topics. So now they’re seeking for sites related to these most common niches. But, if in particular other categories mentioned in BSA categories list your site have great authority then you have chance. For example, if you’re running a site related to pets care and your site have good traffic rank then you have chance, if your blog/ site related to bikes and have good authority then you have chance and if your blog is over education and is one of the popular site then you have chance. But, you should also have to satisfy all their remaining requirements without missing.
  4. Your site must have at least 300,000+ (300k) monthly ad impressions or 250k (2.5 lakhs) unique visits per month or in other words 400k+ (400,000+) monthly pageviews. This is just approximate and average estimated requirements. But, they will not allow sites that have less than this traffic in my experience. For knowing exact traffic details of your own site you can use most advanced Google Analytics and also follow only that analytics to mention exact stats during submission of BSA application.
  5. If you think you can satisfy above most mandatory requirements then next you should have to satisfy following requirements also. Let’s continue without feeling horror and boring.
  6. Your site should have more than 1500 twitter followers at least. After considering above mentioned most common requirements the BSA team will focus on and check out your social followers. In social followers first they’ll see your twitter followers. So maintain good social media presence and followers by posting interesting updates on your stream regularly. Also place your twitter follower’s small widget in your site sidebar to get some followers. Set your target for 2000 twitter followers before you apply for BSA.
  7. Your site should be updated regularly. For example, if you’re publishing blog posts weekly once only then there are less chances. So try to keep publishing posts on regular basis and update site regularly.
  8. After checking your site important twitter followers next the BSA team consider your Facebook likes or fans. So you should have to maintain at least 2500+ FB likes before apply. It’s easier to get FB likes and followers when we compare to twitter followers. So make your FB followers target big.
  9. Your site should have 1000+ newsletter or feed burner subscribers. For this you should have to place subscription box anywhere on your site. If you have less than 1k subscribers then let’s try to improve them.
  10. Your site’s Alexa global rank should be less than 60,000 (60k) because, they only allow sites under 100k Alexa rank. Why because, they think only sites that are under at least one lakh Alexa rank are suitable for direct advertisements. Also advertisers would like to advertise on those sites only. And they don’t consider your country specific or local Alexa rank. So ensure that your site is under at least 60k rank. If not then try to improve.
  11. Google pagerank is also one of the most important thing considered by them. So your site need to have good pagerank also. I mean, your site should have at least pagerank 3 or above out of 10. If your site present rank is less than 3 then let’s try to improve it by implementing some white hat SEO techniques.
  12. They also check out your other social media presence but they don’t consider them as important if you already have enough and good twitter and FB followers.
  13. You should maintain or publish good and enough content on your site to work with BSA successfully. I also mean, you should own the content and don’t have copied content.
  14. Your site should be in English language only because, their most of advertisers are from English countries so their products, services and advertisements also will be in English.
  15. As per their latest terms and conditions you should have at least 18 years and your site should be 6 months old like adsense terms.
  16. Your site should have important pages like About, Content, Privacy etc.
  17. Before you apply please read their most important terms and conditions.
  18. They will check everything or stats of your site very carefully. So you should need to satisfy them if you wish to join their network.
  19. Your site should have enough space to place direct advertisements corresponding to BSA.
  20. Sometimes the BSA team approves blogs and sites related to top categories even their Alexa rank greater than 2 lakhs because of sufficient traffic from USA and other top countries. So let's try to obtain traffic from top countries first. Here is the example site, hirabeautytips.com is a beauty blog and it's global alexa rank is just 347,257 and pagerank is just 1 out of 10 as on October, 2014 but unbelievably she has more than 2800 twitter, 7000 FB followers and her blog is receiving good traffic from major countries. Let's see its screenshot. So if you satisfy minimum requirements there is a chance for you.
Buysellads Example Publisher

In the future only proceed to apply if you believe yourself that you have satisfied all their eligible requirements otherwise don’t. But, at least try one time even you don’t satisfy. Because, sometimes there are chances to get approved luckily. So let’s try to submit your request without worrying even you haven’t satisfied their requirements. Even your app rejected after applying first time you can apply or request after a few months for approval. But don’t bother them rapidly by sending requests frequently. Take at least 3 months gape and try to develop your site and apply for it. Believe me, you will get approved account at least in future if you satisfied their basic requirements.

There are now millions of people out there who waiting for BSA approval very eagerly like you so try to be first to satisfy BSA requirements and join. The below screenshot is the example denied email that everyone receive from BSA after their successful review. With denied mail you will not receive any feedback, suggestions, tips, requirements to get approved. So don’t worry and follow our above mentioned guidance.

Buysellads Denied Email

Finally we hope you got all the requirements and understand everything. So let’s try to modify your site or blog according to the BSA requirements. And also mention your thoughts using below comments. Also subscribe to our free newsletter if you want to receive amazing posts.

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