October 16, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why Your BuySellAds Application Denied

Top 10 Reasons Why Your BuySellAds Application Denied

Are you recently applied for BuySellAds advertising network? And unfortunately does they denied your application? But are you don’t understand why they rejected? And you wish to know the reasons why they had rejected then let us explain clearly why they disapproved your application.

Now it’s became a most common habit to many persons to create and run their own blogs and sites. And most of them build sites to make some handsome amount of money from online but many of them will say goodbye to their blogging career or online life and close their sites and blogs forever due to no sufficient income from their sites and no good ideas and knowledge about online money making methods. Some other people just use some well-known advertising networks like Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika etc. But just depending on a few popular advertising networks we can’t achieve what we want to achieve in our online life and can’t reach our target quickly. So many of us will be commonly interested to get direct advertisers or sponsors for our site. But it’s not so easy to obtain direct advertisers without doing good practices. This is when we seek for best mediator to get advertisers to our site. Here now in the web world the BSA is a most powerful advertising network and it’s received great name regarding direct ads. So all of us applying for this BSA eagerly and blindly without having any idea, even we don’t know their requirements and doesn’t satisfied their minimum requirements. The BSA team will reject your application if they think that your site is not fit to direct ads. If your application is also rejected by BSA then what should you have to do in future to get approved? Let’s read important reasons why they denied and solutions to avoid them in future.

Any publisher can join BSA network if he/she have a website with good traffic and social media followers. And also anyone can reapply for BSA network in 6 months from the date of submission of first request even if their request is rejected. So even if your request is denied by BSA team for first time you have a chance to apply again again later or after some time. Which means when you think and believe you have satisfied their requirements then you can move forward to submit application. The approval process will not depends on our luck. And you know what? You haven’t satisfied their requirements that's why they rejected. So let’s know what you haven’t satisfied and why they denied. They will not reject application due to a few reasons. So you have to consider first seven things at least that are given below.

1. No Sufficient Traffic from Required Countries:

This is the first and most important thing, if most of your site traffic is not coming from top level countries like USA, Australia, Brazil, UK, and New Zealand and from other mostly developed countries then they will reject. So if you not yet focused on other countries and trying to drive local traffic or traffic from slowly developing countries then this is the big mistake that you’re doing now. So try to avoid such kind of habit and attract traffic from almost all popular countries by publishing content that is helpful all people around the world.

2. No Organic Traffic:

If your site don’t have proper organic traffic. I mean if your site traffic is not coming from search engines like Google, Yahoo, About, Ask, Bing etc. and only coming through social networks, directories, spam sites and through some unwanted sites then this is also one of the big reasons why they denied. Because, they can easily detect through where the site traffic is mostly coming. So prevent most of traffic from social networks and unwanted sites and target search engines or organic traffic and direct traffic. For this you need learn a little bit about search engine optimization (SEO). There are already enough number of great sites that are exclusively published articles related to SEO. So let’s follow that sites and improve your site organic traffic in upcoming days.

3. Your Site’s Alexa Rank is Greater Than One Lakh:

From the starting of year 2014 the BSA team is checking stats of all publisher sites very carefully. And in their requirements list third one is the site Alexa global rank. So they mostly consider your site Alexa rank to approve your application. According to the info that we have they only approve those sites that have Alexa worldwide rank below one lakh. So if your site/ blog Alexa traffic rank is above 100,000 then this is the main reason behind rejection of your app. To avoid this you should have to install Alexa official toolbar and have to recommend all of your visitors to install your own and customized Alexa toolbar. This will help you improve your Alexa rank easily. Also you should have to publish content regularly to don’t lose ranking.

4. Something Wrong With Your Domain:

If your site domain extension is not a top level domain (TLD) like .com, .org, .net etc. and related to sub-domains or country specific domains like myblog.blogspot.com, site.wordpress.com, directory.yoursite.com, blogs.yourdomain.net, rockey.uk, manohar.asia, makeindia.co.in, socialmedia.pk etc. then your application may be rejected mainly because of this reason. If your site is presently under sub-domain or location specific domain then buy a new TLD and add it to your own site as a custom domain and redirect own domain to the new domain. And reapply for approval after some days if you think this is only the reason behind your application disapproving.

Another extra thing they will see is if your site is non-English site and related to your local or country specific language then this also the reason.

5. Less Traffic:

It’s most important thing. Even if your site Alexa rank is less than one lakh and you have satisfied all the above requirements if your monthly site unique visits are not at least more than one lakh or if your site ad impressions are just less than one lakh per month or if your site is generating less than two lakh page views per month at the time of their review then this is also one of the big reasons why they not approved you. To avoid this you should have to post regularly on hot topics related to your niche. This will improve your traffic levels in upcoming days otherwise you can't increase traffic.

6. Your Selected Niche is Not Good:

If your chosen site niche is not so popular then this also big reason. For example, if your site niche is related to less popular topic on the web that is rarely searched by people, not highly interested by people and not attracted by advertisers like jobs, education, politics, government, pets, home and garden etc. then they don’t approve. They are presently not so interested to approve sites related to non-tech and non-web topics and seeking for publishers who publish content on their niche authority sites related to topics like technology, beauty, sports, games, beauty, fashion etc. So if your site related to niche that is not matched to their requirements and not mostly searched by people online then you can consider this one also as a serious and big reason. To avoid this you should have to do great hard work and have to turn your site into a popular site in your own niche and have to obtain great authority. Or alternately you can start a new site related to technology, beauty, fashion and on other popular and yours favorite topics.

7. Your Social Media Presence is Very Low:

If your site have no sufficient followers on most popular social networks like twitter and Facebook. For example, if your sites official twitter account don’t have above 1500 followers at least and if your site's Facebook page have less than 2000 likes then this is also one of the reason. First they’ll consider your twitter followers because in their site there is also one great option or feature for publishers to offer promotions on their own twitter accounts if they have good number of followers. So as a publisher you can make money using your own twitter account if you have huge and genuine amount of followers. So try to maintain above 2000 twitter followers at least and 3000 Facebook fans in the future. To improve your followers post funny and interesting updates on your stream daily at least one time and not more than 4 times. And also maintain above 1500 newsletter subscribers because this is also one of the important thing they’ll consider. For obtaining subscribers put subscription box in two important places on your site.

8. The Appearance of the Site is too ugly:

If your site design is not user friendly and looks so unpleasant. For example, if the template or theme that you have chosen and applied or installed for your site is not so beautiful, not user friendly and uncomfortable to browse then this is also one of reason why they rejected. To avoid this kind of small reasons just select best and latest responsive theme and apply it to the site that you won. Install a theme that will looks like a professional and user friendly. There are now so many free themes available in the market for both top platforms like blogger and WordPress. So search for top themes and install any one of them to your site. Also if there are too many unnecessary widgets placed by you on your site sidebar and other important locations, if there are already too many ads of other advertising networks appearing and playing around your site and there is no enough space for placing BSA ads then this is also one of the reason.

9. Contained Dangerous and Illegal Content:

If your site is contained any content related to illegal, copyrighted material, adult, sexual, drugs, hacking, cracking, and malware etc. then this is very seriously considered by them to reject application. To avoid this you have to take very important steps like removing all content related to above mentioned things. If you don’t wish to change your content then start another site with fresh content.

10. Google Pagerank is very Low:

Finally, the team will check your pagerank also. So if your site homepage pagerank is less than 3 than there are chances to reject. Even if your site present rank is 2 they will reject if you didn’t satisfied all remaining requirements. So maintain at least pagerank 3 for direct ads and BSA approval. To improve pagerank there are already many best articles published around the web. So try to check out them and increase rank.

Anyway, these are the top 10 reasons why your application has been rejected by the BSA team. They will consider these all top things to approve a site at any time. So try to improve them as soon as you can and reapply for their approval. Next time you will get approved message from the BSA if you follow above guidance. We hope this post will be helpful. Thanks and best of luck.

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