November 02, 2014

8 Mistakes you should avoid before applying for BuySellAds

8 Mistakes you should avoid before applying for BuySellAds, buysellads approval guidance

As a publisher of any ad network we should maintain a peaceful and professional website that will attract all advertisers quickly. For gaining advertisers and to sell direct ad spots on your site easily there is no better advertising network than BuySellAds. Now in the web world only BSA is number one network that is mostly offering advertisers to place direct ads on their desired sites. This network is now became very popular, powerful and helpful many publishers around the world to make some handsome amount of money easily from their blogs and sites. Many of us are now really depending on third party sites mostly to get ads. But BSA offering unbelievable features and easy to use navigation system. Without any further thinking I can say BSA is number one in direct ads. There is no best alternatives to BSA on the web and it’s always recommended one by me to all publishers like bloggers and website owners. By just pasting or placing a simple JavaScript cum HTML code on your site generated and given by BSA site you can easily get advertisers or sponsors and direct ads for your site. It is very easy to make money online using this ad network if you have good site/blog that have enough traffic. But it’s not easy to get their approval. Many publishers eagerly apply for their approval again and again but they don’t get approval from BSA because they don’t follow guidance and they don’t satisfy minimum requirements but they move forward blindly. So if you are also doing any mistake like this then let’s stop doing that by following my helpful guidance. To get publisher account on BSA you should immediately avoid doing following eight big mistakes that every newbie do.

You have to stop doing these mistakes as soon as possible otherwise you will not get publisher account ever. Before you applying for BuySellAds you should ensure that you are not doing any one of the following eight mistakes and also start avoiding following mistakes from now even if you are doing any of them.

#1 Driving high traffic through unwanted sources:

The traffic from all other sources except search engines is only useful for temporary purpose but you can’t achieve anything using that traffic so stop wasting time by driving traffic from uncommon sources. And without search engine traffic your site can’t live anymore. If you still wish to get traffic from other sites, then prevent most of traffic and drive light traffic. Optimizing search engines is a big headache process in my opinion and many of us will stop their online career due to no or less SEO knowledge. Without search engine traffic our site will be inactive even we publishing updates regularly because most of internet users use and depends on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask etc. to get best and latest search results related to information, stories, news and articles etc. So if even our site have direct traffic we should have search engine traffic. If you are presently not working on your site SEO, then it’s a big mistake that you’re doing. Also if you are trying to get traffic mostly from social networks, directories, backlinks and ads etc. then you should avoid doing this and prevent most of traffic through these type of sources and methods immediately. Why because, you will not get any benefits from traffic that is coming through above mentioned unnecessary sources except if you are using affiliated ads. The both direct traffic and search engine traffic are good to be your site healthy. The all advertisers who wish to promote their most important product on your site will look at your search engine traffic. Especially they look at source and levels. If it’s come to BSA team who will check your site will consider traffic sources first and then other things. So just avoid traffic from unnecessary sites or sources and try to depend on search engines to catch visitors for your site.

#2 Low level traffic:

Don’t ever satisfy yourself with low level traffic. For example, If your site presently generating traffic between 80,000 to 120,000 pageviews, then try hard and increase your traffic to 250,000 pageviews. The traffic rank is always play important role in site success and the advertisers are also look or seek for sites that have good traffic rank. The BSA team mostly approves sites that have at least 100,000 pageviews. So avoid low level traffic and always target for big level traffic. The high traffic you receive the high amount you will get. So traffic can increase your site’s revenue easily.

#3 Targeting few countries:

Some of us only writes and publishes posts on their blogs or sites only for people of their country or for people who living in their region. And some other site owners provides content and services only for a few countries that are not so famous. Attracting traffic or visitors only from a few not developed and slowly developing countries is really a stupid thing. If you are also targeting your site for your local area and for few other slowly developing countries, then you should stop doing this right now. Target almost all popular countries. For example, if you have an education blog or site and you are trying to provide guidance and information only to the students of your slowly developing countries like India, Pakistan, China, some African countries, Sri Lanka and other not well developed countries, then you can’t get direct ads quickly. Because, most of advertisers who would like to turn online visitors into their customers will focus on sites where there are people coming from top and most developed countries like news Zealand, Norway, brazil, Canada, UK, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore etc. So avoid most of traffic from particular undeveloped area or slowly developing countries anyway. This isn’t mean you don’t have to target all countries. You can target any country traffic but try to obtain at least above 60% visitors from top countries. If you are presently living in most developed country and have targeted your local visitors, then there is no need to worry because the visitors from your area will have high value. To get traffic from most developed areas write and provide helpful content relate to them.

#4 Using location specific domain and subdomain:

I never recommend you to buy and use any location specific or country specific domain for your site or blog like,, and etc. because in most of situations the BSA team will not accept those sites that don’t have top level domain or in other words they only accept top level domains like, .net, .org and .biz etc. So your site should have any one of TLDs. If you are presently running your blog or site on, and on any other free content management platforms and you are still using free subdomain for your site or blog hosted at that free platforms like and etc. then you should avoid using these type of subdomains immediately and have to upgrade to top level domain like I mentioned above. To search, choose and buy one best suitable domain for your site/blog I recommend world’s largest and most popular domain registrar GoDaddy. If you are facing any trouble regarding domain registration, then I highly recommend GoDaddy for your site’s domain registration.

#5 Choosing less popular niche:

Selecting and running a site on less popular category is a big mistake ever in my opinion. Without having good ideas and future estimation taking final decision is a terrible thing. So never select topics that are not so popular, only searched by few people on the internet. If you already chosen any specific category like education, jobs, lifestyle, home & garden, jewelry, fashion, beauty and politics etc. and obtained good authority on your niche and have good traffic, then there is no need to worry. Otherwise, you should have to focus on your niche very carefully. Don’t try to change your niche suddenly. Alternately, start a new site on most popular topics if you think yours previous or present site niche have very poor value. The topic selection is a very difficult thing so I recommend you to use Google trends for most popular topics that are daily being searched by millions of people. The topics that are now popular on the web are following. All tech related topics like gadgets, mobiles, software’s, laptops, android, windows, apple, online marketing, social media, fashion, brands, beauty and web design etc. The BSA love all sites related to most popular niches and will approves your account within seconds. If you are presently planning to launch new site, then I highly recommend tech related niche. Because, tech related niches have great value in the online market.

#6 Publishing worthless content:

If your site is related to those categories that are strictly prohibited by BSA, then you can’t get approval from them anyway. So ensure that your site is not related to one of the prohibited categories and you are not publishing any content related to that. The BSA team reject all sites related to categories like illegal, cracking, adult, hacking, abusing, drugs, crime and other dangerous content. If you wish to get approved by BSA, then never publish above mentioned and other prohibited content. Please read their terms and conditions page for more details. You should avoid providing worthless content and have to remove all that content from the site if you already published anything before.

#7 Applying unpleasant theme and placing too many ads and widgets:

The appearance is most important thing ever. If the site have good look and have user friendly navigation, then almost all new and old visitors would like to stay long time on any site. Otherwise, if the site have ugly navigation and design, contained too many ads at sidebar and at other important places, generating new popup ads and widgets rapidly or every time when visitor viewing new page and loading very slowly, then the user will not stay long time on your site and any visitor will not shows interest to visit your site again if it’s irritating them.

The advertisers will also consider these all things to place their campaign on your site. So make sure that your site have at least one best theme. If you are still using unpleasant colors, popups and other irritating widgets, then remove them all and don’t think about them again. The BSA team would like to approve those site that have beautiful design and enough space to place direct ads. So avoid using ugly themes and widgets.

#8 Using local languages:

The BSA team mostly welcome those sites to join their network that publish content in English. Which means, they approves mostly those sites related to English language. And the sites with languages other than English will be rejected. So avoid publishing content in other local languages or in your language like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and French etc.

#9 Less or no social media presence:

If you don’t have good followers on social networks, then it’s time to improve your followers. If you don’t like to use social networks and you are not posting anything on your site’s social profiles, then avoid this type of habit right now and stay connected social networks and engage with your most valuable audience, followers and fans all times using best social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc. Because, the BSA team consider your social media presence and followers. So if you have good followers with at least 30% engagement, then it will becomes easier to get approval from BSA.

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